Lumi’s Philosophy

Summer camp is all about having fun, exploring new interests, honing skills and nourishing meaningful relationships, so that everyday is worth talking about.  Everyday this summer, campers will be coming home from Camp Lumi with an exciting story about their day.  We wanted to open a camp that would make children light up with excitement and the combination of our staff, our programming, and our first class facilities will do just that.

In order to create a fun and safe environment for our campers we focused on hiring a truly amazing staff.  We felt it was necessary that our staff be qualified, bilingual, out-going, and above all else, caring.  Everybody on staff will go through first aid training to ensure that campers and parents feel confident and safe.  We have hired experts in the areas of childhood education to develop and lead our programs to ensure that our programming is exciting, engaging, and fun. All of our staff are excited about the summer and can’t wait to make this a summer to remember for all campers.

We believe that when we let our children play and have fun, we create opportunities for them to learn more about the world around them. Those opportunities will be created through the three main pillars of our well-rounded programming: Expressions, Team Sports and Tinker Time.  Expressions is made up of activities in the arts such as arts & crafts, cooking, dance and drama.  Team Sports include soccer, basketball, flag football, soccer baseball, frisbee, volleyball and badminton. Tinker Time consists of science experiments, robotics, and media production. Days will be balanced with physical play, social play, constructive play, and creative play. Campers will receive instruction in both English and French with each day’s instruction split evenly between the two languages.  Our goal is for our campers to learn and practice their second language through play every single day at camp!

In order to create a truly stimulating environment we needed first class facilities, which is why Camp Lumi is housed at Lower Canada College. Our programming will make use of outdoor fields, gymnasiums, fine art spaces, the music rooms, theaters and the innovation center. We will keep campers cool on hot days with Soak City, our water activity center located on part of the field. Campers will also be able to run and play on our Ninja Course where they will be able to test their strength, quickness, and agility.  The combination of our amazing programs and some of the best facilities in the city will help make each day fun and exciting.

Summer 2023 is the first year of operation for Camp Lumi and we have been working hard to ensure we are able to deliver an amazing experience to our campers. The combination of our staff, our programming, and our facilities will help make every day special for each camper.  Our goal is to provide an environment that stimulates the senses, programming that expands and enlivens their interests and a team that nurtures meaningful relationships, so that every day is a day worth talking about. This summer, every camper will be coming home with a story.

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