Benefits of Sending Your Children to Summer Camp

Summer camp provides a wonderful environment for children to grow and develop life long skills. Children have opportunities to grow emotionally, physically and socially. They learn new skills and try many different types of activities. They build new friendships and social skills. They are also given the opportunity to be physically active in both an organized structured setting with an instructor as well as during “active play”, which is self-directed, un-planned and fun for children.

During the school year, children spend most of their time over-programmed and thrust into a small concentration of extracurricular activities where the focus is on skill development and specialization. One of the big benefits of a camp that offers a well-rounded program is the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of activities and new experiences. During camp, children are able to try new sports, the arts, and technology programming that they would not otherwise have time to explore during the busy school year. Having the opportunity to develop new interests in a stress-free environment could unlock unknown potential and encourage personal growth.

Another major benefit of summer camp is the creation of new friendships and development of social skills in an environment that is new and fun. Generally, schools are populated by children that all live within a particular district and as a result most children spend their formative years with the same social group. Often classmates all remain the same as children go from kindergarten right though the end of elementary school. Being able to meet new friends at camp helps develop social skills that are important as one gets older. The stress-free and fun environment of camp helps facilitate these new interactions and gives children space to connect with new people through play.

Keeping your children active during the summer is important for their physical and mental health. Physical activity improves memory and brain function, protects against chronic illness, improves quality of sleep and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. Additionally, providing the opportunity for active play is important for children because it gives them the opportunity to test their own abilities, learn new skills, and have fun, all while staying active.

The school year is a busy, structured, and often stressful time for children. The summer is a time to get refreshed and recharge. Summer camp provides an environment for children to have fun, while also achieving physical, emotional, and personal growth. The opportunity to stay active, meet new friends, and have different experiences than what you experience during the school year, are all important benefits of camp.

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